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The Schwartzman Lecture

The annual Schwartzman lecture is one of our most treasured events at the Centre for Research in Human Development. It is named after Alex E. Schwartzman, who was a Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology at Concordia University. Each year, we invite a leading expert in the field of human development to give a one-hour lecture followed by a networking lunch and event. The lecture takes place on the first day of our annual conference, where scholars and trainees from different disciplines convene to share their latest research and insights. We invite you to join us for this intellectually stimulating event. Find a list of our past lectures below.

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Daniel N. Klein Ph.D.

Dr.Klein visited from Stony Brook University to share with us his talk "Multifinality, Equifinality, and Heterogeneity: The Examples of Irritability and Recurrent-Persistent Depression".


Frosso Motti-Stefanidi Ph.D.

Dr.Motti-Stefanidi visited remotely from the University of Athens to share with us her talk "What Are the Obstacles for, and what Protects, Immigrant Youth Resilient Adaptation in the School Context?".



Jennifer Jenkins PhD

Dr.Jenkins visited remotely from the University of Toronto to share with us her talk "Shared Thinking: Population level intervention to support early development."

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